About GenQueer

GenQueer Mission

GenQueer makes binders for queer and trans folks, at the end of the day it’s our job to make sure you feel great by looking like the person you know you are. Why complicate it?

GenQueer History

GenQueer binding products are manufactured by AT Surgical Co. in Holyoke Massachusetts. We’ve been in business since 1974 manufacturing the highest quality orthopedic braces and supports in our original building. Now we’re bringing you the highest quality, Eco-Friendly, and safest binders on the market. Try them out for yourself and see how great they are…

Eco-Friendly Binders

Our energy needs are serviced by an energy grid that is 94% carbon free on average. Between hydropower, solar, and in house initiatives to cut waste we bring you green binders without the guilt.

Green Initiatives

Water Powered

Our factory is hooked up to the Holyoke HydroElectric System, powered by the Connecticut River and giant turbines. 68% of our energy is derived from here. This means every product we produce has a lower carbon footprint than our competitors who use dirty energy grids, offering our customers a new lease on a green, healthy, and happy life!

Solar Powered

An additional 10% of our energy needs come from a network of solar panels in the state of Massachusetts with the fourth fastest growing solar energy program in the nation. Another reason why choosing AT Surgical is choosing green.

In House Progress

AT Surgical is committed to everyday ways to lowering our impact on the planet, the easiest way is getting rid of all that paper! We cut paper use wherever we can, and recycle old paper until it can be put to rest – in the recycling bin. Help us commit to a happier planet, and a happier you choose AT Surgical.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship my products?

Most items are shipped using the United States Postal Service, and can be shipped using first class or priority mail based on weight.

How do I place an order over the phone?

Before placing an order, please make note of your selection’s SKU number, size or color preferences, and quantity. You will also want to have shipping and billing information available when placing a call to submit your order.

You may contact us with any questions you may have on the order process by phone or email. We’ll be happy to walk you through.

Out of Stock Items

If an item is shown as “Out of Stock”, it is currently unavailable but we are usually ordering more. Please visit the site periodically to see if an item is back in stock. Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate when an item will be back in stock.  In some cases, we may run out of an item while processing your purchase, and this may prevent us from shipping the quantity you requested.

Quantity Limitations

If an item quantity cannot be increased in checkout or when adding to your cart, it’s because there are limitations on how many of that item we can ship to you. Unfortunately, we cannot send more than the current limit.

Custom Sizing Requests

At your direct request, GenQueer offers a service to manufacture special orders for custom fit sizing on several of our products. If you are in need of a custom-fit sizing solution for one of our products, you are invited to contact us with your specific needs and requirements. We’re happy to assist you and to provide you with further information.

The majority of our sizes are already available in standard sizes S – 5XL. Confirm that your size is not already offered before inquiring about this service.

GenQueer will quote you the amount to produce your custom order.

Placing International Orders

GenQueer will fulfill orders by telephone for those customers who are located outside the USA and Canada that need to ship internationally. Please call AT Surgical directly to place the order and arrange payment over the phone at 1 (800) 225-2023. We will quote you the full cost of your order including international shipping rates at this time. Contact us for more information.

Further Order Processing Policy Info

You may also want to review the following resources for further information on order processing policies with regard to payment, shipping, returns and vendors:

Partnering with Us

Let’s get started…

Your first steps to address the transgender/non- gender conforming community’s needs are amazing! Let us help you take your interest to the next level, reach out to us to request product information and schedule a discovery session.

Contact Us

Wholesale Options

Our binders are available at wholesale prices for qualifying retailers.

Customer Relations Training

We’ll equip you with the knowledge to respect your trans/gender non-conforming customers.

Cross Advertising

Working with the community around your store to maximize reach.